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yaha aap dekh sakte ho kis user ki kon si game jyada pass hoti hai.
is se tum ko apni man pasand game khelne main aasani hogi.

Total Game Pass Sirf VIP Forum Main Se = 104
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No. User Game Pass Date
1 Rohit King Gali 25-Oct-21
2 Satta King Gali 25-Oct-21
3 Yo Yo Bhai Faridabad 24-Oct-21
4 Tanvar Gaziabad 24-Oct-21
5 Madam Maya Disawar 23-Oct-21
6 Pankaj Disawar 23-Oct-21
7 Madam Maya Gali 22-Oct-21
8 King Guesser Faridabad 22-Oct-21
9 Vasim khan Faridabad 22-Oct-21
10 Satta don Faridabad 22-Oct-21
11 RAHUL786 Faridabad 21-Oct-21
12 King Guesser Gaziabad 21-Oct-21
13 Disawar Guru Faridabad 21-Oct-21
14 Suleman Bhai Gali 21-Oct-21
15 Vasim khan Faridabad 21-Oct-21
16 Punjabi Gaziabad 21-Oct-21
17 Vasim khan Gali 21-Oct-21
18 Shivkumar Faridabad 21-Oct-21
19 Gambler Gali 20-Oct-21
20 Tanvar Gaziabad 20-Oct-21
21 Desi_guy Gaziabad 20-Oct-21
22 Disawar MD Gali 19-Oct-21
23 Vasim khan Faridabad 19-Oct-21
24 Guru Faridabad 19-Oct-21
25 Pankaj Gali 18-Oct-21
26 Bobby Gali 17-Oct-21
27 Disawar MD Gaziabad 17-Oct-21
28 Vasim khan Disawar 16-Oct-21
29 Shivkumar Gali 16-Oct-21
30 Gambler Disawar 16-Oct-21
31 Satta King Gali 16-Oct-21
32 Salman 786 Faridabad 16-Oct-21
33 Black King Faridabad 16-Oct-21
34 Maha Guru Faridabad 15-Oct-21
35 Jodi Killer Gaziabad 15-Oct-21
36 Maha Guru Faridabad 14-Oct-21
37 Punjabi Disawar 13-Oct-21
38 Satta don Faridabad 13-Oct-21
39 Guru Ji Gaziabad 13-Oct-21
40 Mastram Disawar 13-Oct-21
41 Game Killer Disawar 13-Oct-21
42 Black King Gaziabad 13-Oct-21
43 Saini Boy Faridabad 13-Oct-21
44 Disawar Guru Faridabad 12-Oct-21
45 Maha Guru Gali 12-Oct-21
46 Punjabi Faridabad 12-Oct-21
47 Bobby Gali 12-Oct-21
48 Satta King Gaziabad 12-Oct-21
49 Saini Boy Faridabad 12-Oct-21
50 RAHUL786 Disawar 12-Oct-21
51 Madam Maya Disawar 12-Oct-21
52 Mastram Faridabad 12-Oct-21
53 Satta King Disawar 12-Oct-21
54 Disawar MD Disawar 12-Oct-21
55 Satta King Disawar 11-Oct-21
56 Yo Yo Bhai Disawar 11-Oct-21
57 Satta Guru Faridabad 11-Oct-21
58 Disawar Guru Disawar 11-Oct-21
59 Satta Topper Disawar 11-Oct-21
60 Madam Maya Disawar 11-Oct-21
61 Bobby Gaziabad 11-Oct-21
62 Rohit King Gaziabad 11-Oct-21
63 Suleman Bhai Faridabad 11-Oct-21
64 Gali Master Disawar 10-Oct-21
65 Satta King Faridabad 10-Oct-21
66 Guru Ji Gaziabad 10-Oct-21
67 Salman 786 Disawar 10-Oct-21
68 Satta Topper Disawar 09-Oct-21
69 Game Killer Disawar 09-Oct-21
70 RAHUL786 Faridabad 09-Oct-21
71 Punjabi Gaziabad 09-Oct-21
72 GALI SATTA Gaziabad 08-Oct-21
73 Gali Master Disawar 08-Oct-21
74 King Guesser Gali 08-Oct-21
75 Jodi Killer Disawar 07-Oct-21
76 Salman 786 Faridabad 07-Oct-21
77 Yo Yo Bhai Gaziabad 07-Oct-21
78 Satta King Disawar 06-Oct-21
79 Shivkumar Faridabad 06-Oct-21
80 Salman 786 Disawar 05-Oct-21
81 Yo Yo Bhai Gaziabad 05-Oct-21
82 Saini Boy Faridabad 05-Oct-21
83 Mastram Gaziabad 05-Oct-21
84 Shivkumar Disawar 05-Oct-21
85 Bobby Disawar 05-Oct-21
86 RAHUL786 Gali 05-Oct-21
87 Suleman Bhai Gali 05-Oct-21
88 Black King Faridabad 04-Oct-21
89 Shivkumar Gali 04-Oct-21
90 Gali Master Gaziabad 04-Oct-21
91 Satta Guru Faridabad 04-Oct-21
92 RAHUL786 Gali 04-Oct-21
93 Disawar MD Gali 04-Oct-21
94 Disawar MD Disawar 04-Oct-21
95 Punjabi Gali 04-Oct-21
96 Satta Guru Faridabad 03-Oct-21
97 Guru Ji Disawar 03-Oct-21
98 Saini Boy Gaziabad 03-Oct-21
99 Madam Maya Gali 02-Oct-21
100 GALI SATTA Disawar 02-Oct-21
101 Satta King Gali 01-Oct-21
102 Shivkumar Faridabad 01-Oct-21
103 Rohit King Gaziabad 01-Oct-21
104 Desi_guy Faridabad 01-Oct-21
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